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UI / UX Consulting and design

The user experience and usability is fundamental because it is the image that the customer will have of the company. For this reason in Kodexnetz we have a team with high capabilities for the development of interfaces that fulfill both functions generating an intuitive and differentiating experience.

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Ensure your website, application or software is easy to use with UX design services.

Design UX/UI

Develop your user journey in advance to improve users’ onboarding, and solve challenges with the help of UX design. Further detail app functionality with the help of UI / UX consulting. Prototype your solution to streamline the software development process.



Increase engagement rate of your users, structurize data delivered by your product and provide interface in accordance with business logic.


Kodexnetz teams up UI/UX designers and business analysts to investigate the client’s needs in detail. Depending on the project stage, Kodexnetz delivers various UI / UX services that enhance the user experience and interface, prototype development, and supporting documentation delivery.

User experience design

Enhance your major metrics by creating a user-focused design.

Interactive prototypes

Raise the business logic of your solution to the highest possible level.

User interface development

Enhance your prototypes with font and color systems, grids, and content.


Document the research process to benefit from the results. 



Improve the UI/UX design of your website based on the results of user interviews.

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Get to know about some of the companies with which we have carried out multiple interface and user experience projects, tailored to the client’s needs.

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