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Save time and money by outsourcing web development services to our development team. Book a call with our technology experts and get a consultation on the recommended architecture structure and best technology for your project.

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How Can We Cooperate

Dedicated team

By choosing the dedicated team as a cooperation model, you get a full-time engagement with software developers. They will dedicate 8 hours daily and 5 days a week to your project. Kodexnetz allows you to outsource web development to one engineer or a whole dedicated team that would consist of programmers, DevOps, QA engineers, project managers, etc. It allows controlling and managing the team directly without worries about office or recruitment.

Project-based outsourcing

By picking project-based website development outsourcing, you get a ready-to-go team. Our web developers estimate the project and send the specification for your approval. When everything is agreed, we assign the necessary number of web developers required for the project development. There is no need to manage or control them – we take care of administrative and managerial hassles. This model works best for non-tech companies that want to fully focus on their core business.

What You Can Outsource:

Full-stack Software Development

We handle all stages of software development, from planning to support and maintenance. By outsourcing web development services, you get a team ready for any tech challenges.

Front-end Development

We provide services to create interactive apps and websites with the UI and business logic seamlessly baked together.

Angular, React, Vue.js, JavaScript …

Back-end Development

We offer server-side development to ensure app stability and scalability. Our team helps with migration, providing data backups.

.NET, Node.js, Java, Laravel …

Quality Assurance

Our QA specialists ensure your software meets quality requirements and your business goals.

DevOps Services

We make your development process stable and reliable. We integrate automation to streamline the development.

Mobile App Development

We help develop mobile apps, both native and cross-platform. Our team is experienced in Swift, Kotlin, and Flutter.

Want To Outsource Website Development?

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Why Choose Kodexnetz

Software For Outsourcing Website Development

Large IT Talent Pool

Kodexnetz, as an outsource web development company, has 100+ skilled in-house professionals to choose from. We can find developers with specific skills and expertise if necessary.

Time Difference

Eastern Europe has up to 4 hours of overlap with North America and may work in the same time zone as Western Europe.

Profound Data Security

We follow logical, physical security, and data protection security policies (GDPR, ISO-27001, ISo-9001) to safeguard the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of the customers’ data.

Reliable company

We put at your disposal a specialized team that adapts to the time and scope that your company needs for the construction of projects which will provide all the knowledge in innovation, agile methodologies and other business methodologies that will support the growth of your company. Kodexnetz is a reliable partner for your company.

We speak your language

As a web development outsourcing company in the USA, we ensure our developers and other professionals have fluent speaking skills in English (B1 proficiency level), so there is no language barrier during calls.

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