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Infraestructura IT Backend

Backend IT Infrastructure

Through agile methodologies and modern product management, we guarantee customized, optimal and effective solutions.

server backend

Development, maintenance and evolution of applications.

Comprehensive end-user support

Incident management through a cPanel support service with escalations to third parties.

Service management and business support

Integral management of servers, metrics and associated Api’s. Technological planning based on the client’s business needs with a comprehensive support of the infrastructure and own and third party applications.


Complete lifecycle management of development and implementation projects.

We offer support and integral maintenance services such as server monitoring and web project updates.

Hire our services with high impact in the world and you will have the best tailored support for your company.

Don’t pay more! We put at your disposal all our specialized services.

Private / Hybrid Cloud

We provide hybrid capabilities to customers who need to have a dedicated environment.

We configure your infrastructure, in customer domain or cloud environments.

Server and database management

7/24 IT asset management. Includes administration, planning, monitoring and operation of the client’s IT assets.

Routing and management users included in the service.

Software product implementation. Includes, if necessary, software development on the client’s platform.


Installation, configuration and support of the highest level.

We offer you monitoring, storage, managed backup and 7/24 event monitoring services.

Projects reference

Company we have worked with

Get to know about some of the companies with which we have carried out multiple back-end support and structuring projects, tailored to the client’s needs.

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Need help with your project?

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